Fellowship of the Fool Tarot App Reviews

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Love it

Great graphics and layouts


One of my favorite apps and decks. Thanks for a great product.

Great - Gorgeous

Very helpful! Beautiful! Deep explanations. Not superficial - amazing.

Great app

Great app and nice detail to the cards.


For the Fellowship.

Great App

I absolutely adore this app. It's very intuitive and insightful. Worth every penny. :)

Fellowship of the Fool Tarot

Awesome! Highly recommend without reservation! Accurate readings and lovely artwork!


From reading one, it has been highly insightful and accurate. This entire line of products is superb. The artwork alone is worth the investment.

5 - Star

I use it all the time. Extremely well done. I tip my hat to you....

Nice app however

When sharing on social media the artwork on the cards is blurry. Fix this and it's a five star app!

Great APP

I got to tell you i was a little concern with this app. i was a reluctant to trust it but hey what do you know i have the surprise of my life. i use it daily.........


Great ap & lovely deck! Well done, Helena!

It's great

Easy to use. Very accurate excellent APP!


Great ! Very insightful.

Well worth it.

Great art work. Insightful card interpretations. Highly recommend.

Great deck

I love this deck and bought a hard copy of it after exploring it thru this app. While some of the technical criticisms of of a recent reviewer are valid--e.g. it would be a nice option to be able to turn off the audio and to speed up shuffle--his/her points seem minor to me. The deck is magical in and of itself. I love almost all of the artist's unique takes on RWS images (exception is The Hanged Man/Sacrifice which still has me puzzling). The people all look familiar to me--real people from the world around us--universal archetypes yet not idealized beings. When I have used the deck (hard copy) to read for others the cards have been powerful representations of a querent's individual history and issues. This inexpensive app has been a great investment. I recommend the process of buying an app first as a way of exploring decks you may be interested in purchasing. This was a great buy for me.

Great App.

I love this deck. My hard deck is the Waite which I have used for some time. I find this deck very refreshing. Very light. Lovely energy. Love the interpretations and the personal stories of the creator.

Needs improvement

Please be highly skeptical of the positive reviews for this app in its current iteration. While the app is stable (except the 'explore' menu selection), it has areas of glaring deficiencies. Major areas to be improved: 1. Must greatly expand the interpreatation for each card. Some card's interpretation are so skimpy as to be laughable. Also, must give examples related to other cards. There are plenty of books on Tarot out there, get the info from them and distill it to readable, intelligent, logical content. 2. Eliminate most, if not all, of author's personal history and comments. It gets old real quick, like after the third reading. In some cards, that's mostly what you have and precious little interpretation. A reader is pre-occupied with her question, not your rambling. 3. Deck should be some of those classic ones, such as Rider Waite, for reader's familiarity with them helps bring forth intuitive understanding of the spread. Minor areas to be improved: 1. Option to turn on/off audio. It gets grating after 3rd reading. 2. Shuffle / cut / spread should be faster. 3. Reduce steps between selecting a card from spread to view reading, and back. These are some that I can think of on short notice that would reduce frustration when using this app. As it is right now, cannot recommend it.


Fun & great way to look into the future

Love it!!!

So easy to use and understand!

Fellowship of the fool

Freakishly on point. Love it. Y


Great illustrations. Interesting interpretations. Insightful.

Cool app

Love the app, def worth having it thumbs up

Great App!

I use it all the time. It's easy and fun.

Tuned in

I'm really pleased with this app. I find the energy focuses as well as a physical deck. Not that that should surprise me ~ that's how it works, right? No time or space issues. I like that the creator of the deck includes his process of creating the images on the cards. It adds to the quality of the interpretation. The process of creating is magical and mystical. I also like all the options for types of layouts, and that you can easily send them to yourself or others. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job!

Great App

This is a wonderful app! I use it whenever I don't have time to pull my cards before work.

Great App

I just love this app.

Love this app


Fresh look at the tarot

Like the different symbology. Generally easy to work with. Like the different navigation options.

Truly enjoy

I enjoy ding the various readings and appreciate all the options.

I love this App.


This is actually a great app

I was surprised, a little hesitant to get it but it's actually pretty fun. It doesn't give the opposite meanings if you get reversed cards tho. Only thing I would change.


I love this app!

This App

Is my favorite of all Tarot Apps so far.

The Fool's Dog Decks….Get them all now!!!!

I keep putting "get them now" in all my reviews by the Fool's Dog cards, but I'm serious. The options and customizations and their description and artwork are the best out there by far! I guarantee you will be using this deck (or one of their other one's), every day. Wow!!!

A great deck

Much more thorough in card explanations.

Superior detail

Great deck, artwork, entire format is easy & fun

Nice interpretations

The written interpretations of the cards in their traditional places seems accurate and expressed in a very nice way. I am not always comfortable with the characters represented on the cards; they often do not seem to be consistent with the tone of the card's meaning. However, the coloring of the artwork is beautiful.

Lovely deck

Easy to use / good variety of card layouts/ enjoying the experience : )

Very Enjoyable

It's very enjoyable and the artwork is bright and vibrant.


This is a wonderful app! The fact that you can actually keep a record of your readings/results is a huge plus! Easy to use and the text/book explaining the cards is easy to understand and use!


Absolutely what I wanted! Very well-designed app...perfect for beginners & experts alike. Very glad I took the time to check it out!!


I'm experimenting with many sorts of intuitional tools. I chanced on this app, then took a chance on it in truth. Clear and useful, with depth and humor. Recommended.

Great inspiration

I love this app! It functions well, the cards are beautiful and the text is thought-provoking. I especially appreciate the journal feature. I've only just scratched the surface of the vast array of spreads, so I know I won't tire soon.

Awesome app!

This application is awesome! I'm so glad I purchased it. The readings are pretty SPOT on! I would recommend it to anyone. Much better than some of the other tarot application I have tried. Definitely worth the money spent.

Awesome app!

The thoroughness of this app is mindblowing. I can do every reading I've ever dreamed of. The journal interface is tremendous. The artwork stuns, and the deck's approach is modern and not overly politically correct. Just, wow!

Blow other Tarot apps away

Finally, somebody has created a Tarot app that is thoughtful and well done. Although I'm not a huge fan of the deck used in it, the features of the app make it hands down the best Tarot app out there. Tons of features let you decide how to use the app — you can even pick out the background you want to use. There is simply no rival for this app.

Awesome Tarot App

Love the available spreads, the book, and the journal feature.


This app does everything you could want. Full deck, index of cards, journalist and the book too. Planning on buying it in print as well. The best app I have purchased yet. For real!

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